ESB Presents Electro Swing Vs Ghetto Funk

Electro Swing Vs Ghetto Funk

 So then my darlings… who fancies a dance???

As you know we absolutely love putting on our big full-on Electro Swing Ball events with all the glamour and decadence that goes with it, however we don’t want to do them too often or it’ll take all the fun out of it. That said, the last one was so good that we’re missing you all terribly and we’d like to see you again very soon. We’ve also noticed that there’s a distinct lack of cool events locally for people who simply want to dance to good music with good people. Therefore, we’d like to try something a little different ……. we have decided to launch a club night that hopefully we can run on a more regular basis so we can all spend more time together.

So…. (drum role please) …. we are delighted to introduce… our shiny new thing …… ‘The Electro Swing Ball Presents!’


For our first club night we will of course be playing lots of our signature style music electro swing, complimented by the sound of ghetto funk. If you haven’t heard this name before, you can compare it to how electro swing combines vintage and 20s / 30s swing era with modern dance music; this is the same in Ghetto Funk except here producers are raiding the goldmines of 70s and 80s funk, soul, hip hop and disco. Trust us, it’s perfect party music and you’ll have already heard some of it played at the Electro Swing Ball nights, usually right at the end.

If this first party is a success then we’d like to propose that you guys help choose the theme for the next club night. Our favourites so far are latin carnival, world music party, balkan & gypsy fiesta or perhaps a combination of them all?! Do give us your feedback please!


This time we’re not in a grand ballroom or a historic hall. Instead we’ve chosen a small but perfectly formed party space that we can transform with our visuals, lighting and decor. Filled with our gorgeous crowd, we know we can re-create the incredible atmosphere we all feel at our full-scale events. Still, we do like to keep a few tricks up our sleeve, so this time we won’t be revealing our venue in advance. Instead we are asking everyone to meet us in the Square in the centre of Shrewsbury at 7-45, and then at 8-00 on the dot we shall walk the short distance to the venue itself together. Why? Well, one we thought it would be fun, and two we will then be able to get the party going right from the start of the evening!


As always it is entirely up to you how you wish to dress; but as this is a club night rather a Ball then our dresscode isn’t strictly vintage. Instead we would say wear something that makes you feel delicious (Jo says she’s still going to wear a dress!).


Before buying tickets do ensure that you can be in the Square in Shrewsbury by 8-00 on the 8th of April at the very latest.

So if you’re sure you can meet us then head on over to Brown Paper Tickets, where you’ll find our tickets under ‘The Electro Swing Ball Presents Electro Swing Vs Ghetto Funk’ priced at just £10 each.

One final thing to say … the capacity is very small and strictly limited for this event; so you need to get on it and get your tickets fast! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

We do hope you can join us for what will be an intimate and joyful evening of pure love and dancing.

We can’t wait to see you and your loved ones on our dancefloor again!

Love, love, love from all at the Electro Swing Ball xxxxx

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